The Darien High School ski team enjoyed a good snow day for its third race of the season against Amity, Cheshire, and Staples at the Mt. Southington Ski Area on Thursday.

With a time of 325.56, the girls varsity team defeated Amity (339.18) while losing to Cheshire (303.12) and Staples (287.71). With a time of 296.07, the boys varsity team defeated St. Luke's (322.28) while losing to Amity (292.71), Cheshire (286.15), Fairfield Prep (284.15) and Staples (285.54).

Girls' times this week were Katharine Graham (47.79), Taylor Hart (48.87), co-captain Kelsey Edgar (52.61), Caitlin Keady (56.70), Adriana Dziedzic (59.43), Madison Maier (60.16), Lila Seeman (64.48), Amanda Bonfils (64.59), Paula Tabaschek (69.60) and Courtney Kyritz (DSQ).

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Boys' times this week were co-captain Peter Del Col (46.03), Will McCoy (48.25), co-captain Chris Brophy (48.54), Matt Nelson (49.48), Nick Wolf (51.43), Graham Lesko (52.34), Chris von Stuelpnagel (53.12), Nick Howe (54.43), Mac Forbes (56.57) and Connor Nackley (59.22).

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"The snow conditions were a lot better this week but we were missing some key skiers so the results were not what the team wanted to accomplish," coach Brian Zeyer said.