The Darien boys track team competed at Staples High School on Saturday against Trumbull, Brien McMahon, Fairfield Warde, Ridgefield and Harding.

John Conley took second place in the 1,000-meter run with a time of 2:41.90, and Brian Davey came in fourth with a time of 2:53.90. Darien claimed the top five spots on the 1,600-meter: Luis Johnston won the event by clocking in at 4:52.20, Charlie Baird came in second place at 4:55.60, Michael Coe came in third at 4:55.80, Eli Converse took fourth at 4:58.50, and Andrew Xiong came in fifth at 5:12.10. Matt Pik won the 600-meter by clocking in at 1:31.80, and Judson Bergman came in fourth place with a time of 1:37.60. Darien also dominated the 300-meter dash by claiming the top six spots: Kevin Keller won the event with a time of 37.40 seconds, Stockton McMullin claimed second place at 37.90 seconds, Corey Eppley took third with a time of 39.90 seconds, Harlan Smith came in fourth at 40.10 seconds, Bergman came in fifth at 41.10 seconds, and Elliot Helgans came in sixth at 41.40 seconds. Johnston won the 3,200-meter with a time of 10:23.40, and Baird took second place with a time of 10:35.20.

In the high jump, Cameron Smith claimed third place. In the pole vault, Darien took three of the top four spots: Colin Vanderhorn won the event, Windsor Hall took third place, and Will DeRocco took fourth place.

McMullin won the long jump, Keller came in second place, Eppley came in third place, and Cameron Smith came in sixth place. In shot put, Reed Coots, William Lochtefeld, and Peter McDonough place fourth, fifth, and sixth, respectively.

McMullin also won the 50-meter with a time of 6.10 seconds, and Eppley tied for fourth place with a time of 6.30 seconds. In the 50-meter hurdles, Gregory Leeker took sixth place with a time of 8.80 seconds.