Darien business owners Tucker Mays and Bob Sloane are the principles and co-founders of OptiMarket, LLC, where they coach former executives through the job search process from their Darien office. They recently co-authored a new book, "Fired at 50: How to Overcome the Greatest Executive Job Search Challenge."

Through innovative mentoring programs and executive networking groups, they gained valuable insights into the over-50 job search, and developed proven plans and tips for this highly qualified, but struggling age group.

"Fired at 50: How to Overcome the Greatest Executive Job Search Challenge" by former executives turned career coaches Mays and Sloane, is the first book to provide a step-by-step plan to enable executives over fifty to overcome the job market age bias, make their age an asset, and find their next job faster. It provides a unique, new approach to develop a focused job objective, manage time more productively, gain the most networking referrals, conduct winning interviews and negotiate the best offers.

"Fired at 50" provides real-life, proven tips the authors have given their clients, and reveals a series of cases that illustrate how executives have successfully applied their advice and principles. The case studies are based on executives with whom Mays and Sloane have worked during the past 10 years.

"After successful careers as leaders in diverse large, small and midsize companies, Bob and I found ourselves in job search mode during the massive restructuring of the 90s," Mays said. "We discovered after founding an executive networking group dedicated to assisting senior level executive in transition that we had a lot in common: Our age was being held against us and we agreed to work together to find new ways to overcome the unique job search challenges of middle age. It worked, we each found jobs in record time and decided to share our knowledge with our peers."

"Fired at 50" explains techniques to help during the job search including:

- Nine ways to overcome the age bias;

- How to make your age an asset;

- A proven, month-to-month plan to find your next job faster;

- The keys to executive networking process;

- How to pre-empt the age challenge and win the interview;

- The new rules for successful contract negotiation.

Though geared toward the executive workforce, Fired at 50 is applicable to anyone, regardless of age or profession.

"No other book that we know of provides such a comprehensive step by step plan to find their next job in the shortest time possible," Sloane said.

Sloane is a principal and co-founder of OptiMarket, LLC. He has held senior management roles with Colgate-Palmolive, American Cyanamid's Shulton International division and the NFL. He has consulted to IBM and the White House. In 1995, Sloane was the co-founder and the first chairman of the Executive Forum, a Greenwich, based non-profit association of select senior executives, which has become recognized as a premier career transition resource.

Sloane holds a bachelor's degree in economics from St. Francis College in New York and an MBA in marketing management from Baruch College of CUNY. He is also a former adjunct professor of internet marketing at St. Francis College, where he helped lead the initiative to create an e-commerce concentration of study as well as new distance learning approaches in the college's management division.

Mays is a principal and co-founder of OptiMarket, LLC. He began his career in Wall Street with Goldman Sachs, and then moved to the consumer products industry to pursue his strong interest in marketing. He has held marketing management positions with leading consumer products companies including Chesebrough Ponds and Miles Laboratories and served as EVP/COO at global outdoor products companies Avia, Spinergy and Diamondback.

Mays holds a bachelor's degree from Dartmouth College and an MBA in marketing/finance from the Columbia Graduate School of Business. He is also a mentor program graduate of Corporate Coach University and a founding member of the Executive Forum, where he served on the board for many years and established the mentoring program.

Visit www.optimarketllc.com.

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