Police are reminding residents to secure their scooters after a series of reported thefts of the vehicles in recent months from area train stations.

The latest report was on Saturday, July 11, at the Noroton Heights train station when a 39-year-old Stamford woman reported her $2,000 ZHNG-BMS scooter vanished from the westbound side of the station, Darien Police Detective Mark Cappelli said. The scooter had not been secured or locked, he said.

In many cases police learn the victims have not locked their scooter or secured them properly with a lock to a post or other immovable object, Darien Police Sgt. Jeremiah Marron said.

Police are offering the following tips to avoid scooter theft:

Keep your scooter covered with a tarp if possible, which can help make it less conspicuous to thieves who are looking for a target.

While steering locks are not foolproof, using them in addition to an ignition lock will make stealing the scooter more difficult. The steering lock will prevent a thief from maneuvering the bike easily if started.

Equip the scooter with additional locks of different types on top of the built-in ones. It is unlikely a thief is equipped to tackle different kinds of locks.

Whatever lock you use, don’t affix it to the vehicle close to the ground where thieves can use leverage to smash or break it. Attaching the lock to the top part of the vehicle makes it more difficult for thieves to pry it open.

Secure your scooter to something solid such as a post or rack, even inside a garage.

Alarmed disc locks, U-shaped locks of hardened steel, and asymmetrical chains, are all commercially available anti-theft products that help deter thieves.

A more advanced measure is wiring up an ignition kill-switch somewhere inconspicuous on the bike that has to be held down when the start button is pressed.

When parking outdoors, try to choose a well-lit conspicuous area.

Professional thieves often find scooters they want to steal by following them to where they are parked during the day or night. When you are close to home or other destination, keep an eye out for anyone who seems to be following you.

Always report scooter thefts to the police, and keep a record of descriptive information for the bike, including vehicle identification number, license plate, make, model, color, or other unique characteristics.