Darien's Post Road was full of students trying to enjoy their last few days of summer this week. Some students were shopping while others were taking books out of the library, or simply having a bite to eat and relaxing under the umbrellas provided in the alleys of the Post Road.

With school starting Monday, some students could be heard chattering about what they would wear on their first day and books they'd recently read. Some students, such as Middlesex seventh-graders Lauren Larizza and Grace Silsby were excited about the new school year, but still wanted to hang onto those last few days of summer.

"We're already in soccer camp," Silsby said.

"But we're still going to hang out with our friends," Larizza added.

While the two students had different summer favorites, Larizza loved sleep-away camp and Silsby spent some time with family on Long Island, N.Y., they agreed that Forever 21 and Wish List were good back-to-school brands.

According to the U.S. Census in August of 2011 people spent $7.7 billion at family clothing stores on back-to-school wardrobes. Sales at book stores in August 2011 totaled $2.4 billion, the strongest sales month that year.

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While the students were busy enjoying their last few days of summer, and buying new clothes to wear, the Darien Public Schools faculty and staff were hard at work orientating new teachers, holding staff development meetings, and getting their classrooms ready for the new students.

Tokeneke School teacher Kristen Cuczo, who has taught kindergarten for the past 12 years, will be teaching first grade for the first time and is eager about the upcoming school year.

"It's a big change. It will be a nice change of pace," Cuczo said.

Superintendent Stephen Falcone echoed the teacher's enthusiasm.

"We look forward to continuing the work we've been doing for years," Falcone said, adding that he's excited for the upcoming school year to be here.

Darien Public schools will introduce 30 new teachers throughout the seven schools this year, along with two new principals and three new assistant principals. Ox Ridge and Darien High School will both have new principals and assistant principals while Hindley will welcome a new assistant principal.

More than 4,800 students will start Monday morning, which is "a bit more enrollment than last year, but close to what [the schools] had last year," Falcone said.

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