Built with a flair towards the nautical, the $6.7 million home on "Nature's Edge" in Darien offers potential buyers the chance to feel like they're on vacation even when at home, according to New Canaan's Halstead Property Realtor David Hawes.

The home is located at 8 Contentment Island Road on 1.5 acres, Hawes said. With 6,500 square feet, five bedrooms and five and one half baths, the home offers plenty of space. However, it is the atmosphere of the house that sets it apart from most, Hawes said.

"There are certain houses that put you in a good mood and this is one them," Hawes said. "It has strong character and strong personality."

Since the home has been on the market, Hawes said Halstead has done a number of events and it was always interesting because people didn't want to leave. Hawes attributed that reluctance to the house's atmosphere.

The home has a distinct nautical theme which is reflected in the railings that wrap around the deck and in the craftsmanship of the ceilings. Hawes said the home is unique in another aspect because it was designed by Bartels-Pagliaro who usually only does custom work and not work on speculation, which was the case with the home on Nature's Edge, Hawes said.

"Everything they did here from the east-to-west orientation of the house to the way they did the windows gives you a house that is sun filled during the whole day," Hawes said.

Even with the overcast skies and light drizzle falling outside, the house still appeared to be brightly lit as it captured what sunlight was able to filter through the dark clouds outside.

The process of building the house began about three years ago when the property was purchased, Hawes said. The most difficult part was finding the right site and then pairing it with a house design that complimented the location, Hawes said.

Once construction was completed in July of 2009, the house went on the market with an asking price of $8.25 million. The price was eventually lowered to its current price of $6.7 million after the real estate market weakened, Hawes said.

"We've had a lot of very interested parties but there has been a very limited market for this type of home in the past several years," Hawes said.

If someone isn't willing to front the $6.7 million to own the home, the sellers are also offering to rent it for $20,000 a month.

One of the added benefits of the home is that the property sits adjacent to Land Trust property which ensures that the owners won't have someone building next to them.

"Knowing the property won't be built on will be a positive feature," Hawes said. "It's always nice to know you won't have a house you don't like to look at next to you."

For those who may be concerned about the potential carbon footprint the home is leaving, they don't need to worry because it is ENERGY STAR certified.

"The house is low voltage with a Crestron Control System that can control the lighting, sound system, the spa and other amenities through a control panel," Hawes said.

Hawes demonstrated the Crestron Control System via a control panel located in the kitchen. He showed how you can program the lights to your exact specification so that if you leave for the evening, you only need to hit the night light button and all the lights in the house will dim to the level you program.

If security is a concern, a potential buyer can sleep easier at night because the house is located within the Tokeneke Association which has its own police patrol. However, if that isn't enough, the home comes equipped with a number of security cameras that monitor the entrances and the pool area.

"The security cameras are all accessible via a personal computer once its programmed," Hawes said.

The control panel for the Crestron System also allows the homeowner to access the cameras.

Other amenities in the home include a heated spa and pool, which is located 4 feet off the ground in order to eliminate the need for a fence around the property, Hawes said.

Water frontage includes a dock: the house comes equipped with a standby generator, an oversized, heated three-car garage and all of the walls are painted with a high gloss finish that is very durable, Hawes said.

As the tour of the home drew to a close, Hawes reiterated what makes the home such a unique investment.

"One of the inspirations for the house is that it's not just a home, it's a lifestyle," Hawes said. "You can live on the edge or you can live on Nature's Edge."

Hawes stressed that there was one very important amenity that comes with purchasing or renting the house.

"Sunsets are included," Hawes said.