DARIEN — A Herman Avenue residence was burglarized after a suspect distracted one of the residents, allowing two accomplices to sneak in and burglarize the home.

On Sept. 28 at 8:45 p.m., police received a report of what they are calling a distraction burglary. The complainant said at 11 a.m. her mother, who lives with her, was working in the front yard when she was approached by a thin, 6-foot-tall man who was possibly Hispanic. The complainant’s mother does not speak English, but the suspect kept talking to her while holding a walkie-talkie. The man kept asking questions and then walked away from the mother toward the backyard of the house.

The mother followed the suspect as he continued to talk and point toward a grassy area in the backyard of the home. Confused, the mother went to a neighbor to help with the language barrier. When she returned, the man was gone.

Later in the day, the complainant was advised of the incident and checked the video footage from her motion-activated home security camera. The footage from the camera, positioned toward the main hallway near the front door, showed two other individuals enter the rear of the house and walk through the hallway at the time the complainant’s mother was going to the backyard.

The footage showed the suspects stop and look inside the living room where the camera is locating before putting on gloves and going up to the second floor. The suspects were upstairs for several minutes before coming back down and leaving. The footage did not show the suspects taking anything out, but the complainant said $4,000 in Hong Kong currency was missing from the closet of the master bedroom on the second floor (equivalent to $500).

Nothing else was taken from home and several valuables including electronics and jewelry were left behind. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

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