DARIEN — Police arrested a 25-year-old man from the Bronx, N.Y., after they said he robbed the Darien CVS of high-end shampoo for the second time since last month.

On Dec. 27, a suspect police later identified as Luis Medina took around $3,000 worth of salon shampoo from CVS, police said.

A store employee provided police with the license plate number of the car Medina drove away in, allowing police to trace the vehicle.

Around 8 a.m. on Jan. 13, the manager of CVS called police to report shampoo and hair products had been stolen from the store by a man. The manager gave a description of the suspect and said he had left the store, run across the street to the train station and entered a taxi.

The first officer to respond to the station found several taxis in line, but only the first was occupied. The officer approached the right, rear passenger door of the taxi and saw the man inside matched the suspect’s description.

Police identified the suspect as Medina, of Marion Avenue in the Bronx. CVS surveillance footage showed Medina taking around 15 hair products off a shelf and hiding them in his loose-fitting pants.

Officers recovered the items in Medina’s pants after searching and arresting him.

Several other hair care products were recovered from Medina’s backpack. It was determined the products were stolen from a CVS in the Bronx earlier on Jan. 13. Police found in the bag a tool to remove security devices from high-end merchandise.

Police determined Medina was a suspect in shoplifting incidents in CVS stores in Stamford, Westport and New York City.

He had stolen around $9,000 worth of hair products, police said.

Medina stole around $3,500 worth of hair care products in Darien.

While processing Medina, it was discovered he had an outstanding warrant out of Norwalk for failure to appear.

Medina was charged with second-degree failure to appear, as well as sixth-degree larceny and possession of burglary tools. He was charged with third-degree larceny in the Dec. 27 shoplifting. Medina is being held by Darien police on $50,000 bond.


ct.com; @erin_kayata