Fairfield Prep proudly announces that by his strong character, academic success, and athletic efforts, senior Brendan Hoffman has earned the opportunity to compete in the sport of lacrosse while achieving his college degree.

As a young man who appreciates challenges Brendan has risen well to challenges on and off of the field in his Prep years.

As an accomplished student Brendan was recognized as a Magna Cum Laude honors scholar at Prep’s academic awards mass this past fall. Brendan's academic accomplishments and his strong lacrosse career in Prep’s competitive program have opened the door for Brendan with the opportunity for continued growth in both areas of talent at Williams College, where he will begin his college years in the fall of 2016.

In his Prep years Brendan has explored his interests and talents by his four year involvement in both lacrosse and in Prep’s Debate Club where he enjoys weekly exchanges on current topics with classmates.

Brendan has also taken the opportunity to participate in Prep’s Kairos Retreat, and has reached out to the local community through the mentoring program at the Stamford Boys and Girls Club.

Brendan is a resident of Darien.