DARIEN — After 38 years on the Post Road, the Runner’s Roost is now open in its newly-renovated space in Goodwives Shopping Center.

The Runner’s Roost has been providing the local running community with expertise in training, racing and general exercise foot wear since 1978. The Runner’s Roost will continue to serve the people of Darien and provide enhanced client interaction in its new location.

“For nearly 40 years, the Runner’s Roost has grown with the running community,”Steve Norris, owner of the store said. “Now, our business is more local than it used to be. A higher percentage of our customers are from Darien than before.”

When the Runner’s Roost first opened at its Post Road location, it quickly became known in Darien and the visibility of the stores location, plus out-front parking, helped business grow consistently.

Today, with the rise of internet sales, the Runner’s Roost finds it hard to compete against online retailers because major shoe companies are manufacturing their shoes to be sold online rather than local retail stores. However, knowledge and expertise of the Runner Roost’s staff is Key.

“Larger running retailers try to stock all the shoes, but they don’t have the personnel to sell the shoes like we do.” Norris said.

The Runner’s Roost opened in Goodwives on July 5. The new location makes the store more convenient for clientele.

“Our new location is made for retail,” Store Manager Catherine Solus said. “It’s easier to display our merchandise and we’ve personalized our shop to make our customers’ experience more enjoyable.”

The new location emphasizes the Runner’s Roost’s commitment to customers and makes it more convenient for them, with a renovated fitting room, a more functional floor plan and better storage.

“It was time for the Runner’s Roost to move into a new model to support our customers,” Solus said. “We’re up for the challenge.”