Posh Nail and Spa on the Post Road was among 23 nail salons hit with fines and temporarily shut down because of pay and records violations.

The state Department of Labor announced Monday about $100,000 in fines and more than $47,000 in back wages had been ordered for the workers at the salons, many of whom were not paid the state’s minimum wage.

Jason Su, owner of the Darien salon and spa at 1077 Boston Post Road, said Tuesday morning that Department of Labor officials demanded payroll and other documents he did not have on hand. He complied quickly with the assistance of his attorney, who communicated with labor officials, Su said.

When asked if his workers at the spa made the required state minimum wage of $9.15 before the crackdown, Su said some salon owners did not understand that tips could not be used in Connecticut to calculate their hourly salary of workers. Many of the owners assumed Connecticut’s law mirrored the one in New York, where employers can pay slightly lower minimum wages if workers receive tips.

“Everyone who works here makes at least $9.15 an hour,” Su said. “But everybody earns differently because some have more skill, and others have less skill.”

Stephen Fogerty, a Hartford-based attorney for Halloran & Sage representing Posh Spa and Nails, said Su was cooperating fully to determine whether any workers are owed overtime pay or other wages.

“If anyone is owed any additional overtime pay, they will receive that payment,” Fogerty said. “He’s been in business for quite a long time and has great clientele and nice businesses. Let it be said, many of the employees there are highly compensated, and fairly compensated for the work they do.”

The state agency’s Wage and Workplace Standards Division probe into 25 nail salons across the state was prompted by news articles and complaints from salon employees about health and employment practices. The awareness of the problems in the nail care industry were first reported in the New York Times.

The result of the probe was the issuance of stop-work orders and the temporary shut down of 23 salons for wage violations, including five in Stamford, and six in Westport, Darien and Fairfield. The salons have since complied and reopened.

State Labor Commissioner Sharon Palmer said the division collected $47,3540 in overdue pay for the employees and expected to retrieve more, including $79,000 in civil penalties for under-reporting payroll and paying employees in cash, and $21,300 in wage and hour violations.

Gary Pechie, director of the Wage and Workplace Division, said labor agents and investigators found violations, including workers were being paid cash with no payroll records; wages below the $9.15 an hour minimum; and no overtime payments. Additionally, several salons did not have proper worker’s compensation coverage.

Su said he was committed to paying what was the legal wage, but business was hard given the large number of nail salons in the area.

“I think everybody should follow the rules,” Su said. “I will follow the rules.”

In addition to Posh Spa and Nails, labor officials made unannounced visits on Aug. 3 and issued stop-work orders to the following salons:

Stamford: Fiji Nail Salon, Cozy Nail Salon, Classic Nails, Lux Nails, Ace Nails.

Westport/Darien/Southport: Posh Nail and Spa LLC (3 locations), Queen Nail and Spa, Finger Nails

Hartford: La Nails, American Nails, Modern Nails, Pink Nails, Touch Nails

New Haven: Magic Nail and Spa, Fashion Nail and Spa, Outo Nails

Branford: Oasis Nails, Pretty Nail and Spa, Sera Nail Salon, Town Nails, Simply Nails

Pechie said employees who believe they are being underpaid or deprived of their rights can download a complaint form on the state’s website.