The spotlight was on the fall 2012 Book Fair at Royle School as the theme was Lights, Camera, Action, Read!, making connections between great books and movies.

The book fair kicked off with a reading contest called Academy of Role Readers. To enter, each student had to read three books.

One lucky Reading Star from each class was randomly picked to become an Academy of Royle Reading nominee and joined Principal Keith Margolus in a breakfast celebration (aka The Royle Academy Awards).

Taking center stage at the book fair was the Family Night Premiere Party. Royle was transformed into a glamorous studio with not one but two red carpets, a paparazzi celebrity backdrop, a ticket booth, a walk of fame and a VIP guest (the Cat in the Hat).

Students dressed up as their favorite movie or book characters and walked the red carpet and posed for paparazzi photos. Of course, there were boas, sunglasses and trophies on hand for students who chose not to come in costume. Once the "stars" received their photos, they each got a frame they could decorate and "bling out" at a special art table.

The main attraction at the party was shopping for books. There were hundreds of titles to choose from and students had the opportunity to buy books for their classrooms.

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The night also featured a bake sale, complete with "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"-themed cupcakes.

The funds raised benefited the school's PTO.