Three Middlesex Middle School Odyssey of the Mind teams competed in the Connecticut state tournament in Bristol in April 5.

Though this was its first year participating in Odyssey of the Mind, the school's Tumblewood team -- whose members are Isabelle Leclerc, Jackson McNear, Edward Glassmam, Cole Hanson and John Goll -- came in second and qualified to go to the World Finals at the end of May at Michigan State University. The World Finals will have 800 teams competing from about 25 countries. Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program designed to give students creative problem-solving opportunities.

The MMS "Pet Project" team was challenged to create three vehicles with different power sources to take nine parts of a "pet" to a designated area, put the pet together, and have it perform a trick, while the team acted out a skit. The team placed sixth with "The Junkyard" project, for which members used rubberband wheels and a slingshot and had them dressed as raccoons to clean up a junkyard with the help of the "pet" raccoon that they assembled.

The MMS "ARTchitecture" Musical team had to create an original play based upon a famous building, incorporate three pieces of art disappearing and two original songs with choreography. The MMS team, which placed 14th overall, chose to create a mystery about the disappearance of color from St. Basil's Cathedral and involved undercover ninjas posing as dogs.

The MMS "Tumblewood" team created a structure from only balsa wood and glue that had to weigh less than 15 grams. To present the structure, the team performed a commercial dressed as aliens and astronauts. The creation careened down a ramp the team built that survived more than 350 pounds of weight before it collapsed.

The "Pet Project" team members were Brooke Murphy-Petri, Justin Mossa, Matt Firmin, Fiona Kernen and Maddie Dwyer. The "ARTchitecture" team members were Keiran Daly, George Harding, Mary McGovern, Maddie Silvas and Thomas Brown.

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