After a two-month process of interviews and deliberations, the Superintendent of Schools’ Office has told the Board of Education that an architectural firm has been chosen for the consulting stage of the district’s master plan.

Since mid-January, the superintendent had been looking for an architectural firm to carry out the project, which, according to Michael Feeny, director of finance and operations at Darien Public Schools, is a “detailed building condition survey.” Officials had published advertisements online and in area newspapers. Six firms expressed interest, and four were interviewed.

KG&D Architects, of Mount Kisco, N.Y., was the second-lowest bidder at $119,845. The firm will begin the survey of the schools, which, according to Superintendent Dan Brenner, is a two-pronged process that includes the master plan and a five-year facilities study.

“The master plan gives you kind of a road map as to what needs to be done to take the district down the road five or 10 years,” Brenner said.

“It looks at all the mechanicals throughout the district,” Brenner said of the five-year study. “Everything from windows and roofs, to the lighting and flooring. Everything will be looked at, no stone left unturned.”

Among the points of focus:

Adequacy of instruction space

Possible removal of portable classrooms

Vehicle and pedestrian traffic

Review of the district curriculum, particularly in how it relates to space allotted by the current state of the facilities.

A prioritized list of suggested improvements to the district’s schools, as laid out by KG&D, is expected to be complete by June.

“This is a much awaited plan,” Brenner said. “People have been wondering, ‘When is this going to happen?’ So we really want to make sure that it happens well, but that it also happens with speed.”

Once the suggestions are submitted, application becomes the job of the town.

“At that point, that becomes a town facilities role. If we put together a capital project that we want to pitch to the town, the town will then weigh in and they’ll put out their own RFB (request for bid),” Brenner said. KG&D is contracted only to complete the survey stage of the plan.

Brenner also outlined several proposed changes to the Darien High School master field plan that would include a cross-country track around the perimeter of the campus, additional parking and two additional tennis courts.

Once the work of KG&D is complete, a finalized plan of action would need to be laid out by October in order to make it into the 2017-2018 capital budget.

“The challenge with this project is that, even though it’s a long-term effort, there’s a relatively short window,” said Michael Harmon, chairman of the Board of Education.

The Board voted to accept the Superintendent’s suggestion unanimously March 9.;