Students at Darien High School are more than capable of crunching numbers after students in the class of 2010 scored the highest in the state for math.

Superintendent of Schools Stephen Falcone presented the Board of Education with the class of 2010's average scores for the SATs during Tuesday night's meeting.

"The score of 611 on math was the highest in the state," Falcone said. The closest school to Darien was New Canaan with a score of 610.

Darien was in the middle of the pack in terms of the average score on the critical reading and verbal portion of the SAT with a score of 573, but was then only second to New Canaan on the critical writing portion with a score of 596.

The class of 2010's total average score was 1,780, the second highest score in the District Reference Group.

Falcone attributed the high scores to a strong class and the amount of preparation students take to be ready for the SAT. A graph showing the results of the class' PSAT scores showed similar scores in all three areas of the test that the SAT scores showed.

"There is far less PSAT preparation than there is SAT preparation," Falcone said. "It's just impressive."

Falcone said the DRG scores were the highest in the state.

"I've looked at the whole state and on the SAT's, those are the highest scores," Falcone said.