The new year typically signifies a new beginning. Some locals are trying to get off to a good start by improving aspects of their lives, while others don't believe resolutions should be restricted to one time of the year.

For Kathy Zeiss, making a resolution isn't very important to her.

"I don't really make a resolution each year," she said.

However, Angie DiMeglio tends to run into a different issue whenever she makes her resolutions -- they never pan out as expected.

"I end up breaking my resolutions about halfway through January," she said.

Making a resolution can be a tricky endeavor and a source of frustration for those who don't get the results they wanted or their resolutions are more unrealistic. To solve that problem, Linda Hannett keeps her resolutions simple and realistic.

"I usually do make a resolution and I try to keep them realistic. This year I'm not going to use plastic bags and that's going to entail me remembering to put the cloth bags in the car," she said. "Last year I made a resolution to stop using plastic bottles."

While some people may spend more time thinking about what changes they would like to make in the new year, other resolutions are the result of unexpected events.

"My resolution just came up because I got laid off and now I'm going to work earnestly to find work," Dominick Guglielmo said. "I'm also a diabetic so I want to keep my body in good working order."

Some people choose not to make resolutions because they either know they won't follow through or they don't believe it makes sense to restrict changes to a specific date.

"I don't usually make them because I don't stick to them," Leah Parisi said.

In Linda O'Leary's case, the changing of the year isn't a significant event for her family.

"I don't make any because if I'm going to make a change, I will make it," she said. "We don't really make a big deal about the New Year in our house."

Like O'Leary, Pat Durinzo doesn't think people should limit their choice to improve their lives to the changing of the year.

"I find that doing a resolutions doesn't always work. You just have to make up your mind at the moment to do something and do it," he said.

Being able to follow through with resolutions became a common topic as John Martin explained why he usually refrained from making any resolutions.

"I don't usually have one because I wouldn't be able to follow through. I think people do try to think of things but then don't follow through," Martin said.

A lack of time can also impact whether making any resolutions is worthwhile for some people.

"I haven't really thought about it too much because I've been too busy working," Ethan Evans said.

Nancy Sforza kept her resolutions simple for the new year, even though she acknowledged there would still be some challenges.

"I just want to try to be a better and kinder person and to be more patient than I was in 2011," she said.

Although some resolutions focus on self-improvement, others hope for a little luck.

"I want to find the perfect girl and get a job," Matt Karnes said. "I hope the job comes first because that really helps with the courting process."