DARIEN — Police charged a 52-year-old Derby man with drinking and driving after officers found several empty vodka bottles in his car in the middle of the afternoon.

On July 10 around 2:45 p.m., officers responded to a report of a gray SUV on Mansfield Avenue swerving in and out of lanes. When officers arrived, they found the complainant, parked in the lot of St. Paul’s Church, who told the officers the car had pulled over further down the road.

Officers approached the car in question and spoke with the driver, Glenn Gruttadauria, of Iannotti Lane. The Derby man told police he was driving to see his ex-girlfriend in Bridgeport. He also told officers he needed to get back to the Merritt Parkway when asked if he knew where he was. He then told officers he was going to the Trumbull Mall to get his phone fixed.

While speaking with Gruttadauria, officers noticed he displayed signs of intoxication, including bloodshot, glassy eyes and the smell of alcohol on his breath. When asked, Gruttadauria told officers he had “a couple of beers.”

Gruttadauria failed a field sobriety test and was charged with operating under the influence. When conducting an inventory of Gruttadauria’s car before towing it, police found several empty vodka bottles and an unopened can of beer.

Gruttadauria was taken to Darien Police Headquarters where he agreed to a Breathalyzer test. His blood alcohol content came in at .1564 at 4:25 p.m. and .1514 at 4:45 p.m., almost twice the legal limit of .08. Due to a delay in towing Gruttadauria’s car, police noted his BAC had decreased in the two hours since he’d been pulled over.

Gruttadauria was initially given a $250 bond, which he was unable to post, but was later released on a promise to appear in court set by a bail commissioner. He will appear in Stamford court July 24.

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