Kelly Vegliante, 50, of 111 Colony Road, was issued three infractions totaling $242 after her dog bit a 9-year-old girl Jan. 10, according to police.

Darien Animal Control issued Vegliante infractions for failure to license dog, nuisance biting and allowing dog to roam Jan. 13.

According the police, the girl was walking her puppy on Colony Road when a black dog ran out from the yard at 111 Colony Road and starting barking and growling. The girl was bitten on the back of her upper right thigh, police said, and sought medical attention.

The dog owner was not home at the time of the attack but a boy ran from the house to grab the dog and make sure the girl was all right, police said.

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The dog is under a 14-day quarantine at the owner's house as per state protocol.