DARIEN — A fight in the lobby of police headquarters Saturday led to charges against a Norwalk man.

Steve Campbell, 38, of Sunlit Drive, was charged with reckless driving and disorderly conduct.

The victim told police they were in Wilton getting into their vehicle with their 12-year-old child, when Campbell arrived to pick up the child. Apparently, there was some disagreement on visitation that day. The victim said Campbell parked in a way that blocked them from leaving, but they were able to get around Campbell’s car and exit the driveway.

While driving around Campbell’s car, the victim’s car hit the side of Campbell’s and he began to follow them as they drove. The victim drove to the Darien Police Department to seek assistance, and claimed Campbell again tried to block them in. The victim again was able to get around his car, and parked directly in front of the department. They exited the car and entered the front lobby.

Once inside the lobby, as the victim was attempting to tell the dispatcher at the window what happened, Campbell came in and allegedly grabbed the child by the arm, saying they were to come with him. The victim attempted to get between Campbell and the child, telling him to let go. According to the report, Campbell used the back of his arm to separate the victim and the child. It was then that officers came into the lobby.

He allegedly told officers he was upset over a custody disagreement and that he was supposed to have the child this weekend. However, he was told the child had plans that precluded that. He said because he was not consulted and it was his weekend, he went to the Wilton residence. Campbell said he wasn’t trying to block the victim, but the driveway there is narrow.

Campbell admitted to using his arm to push the victim away in the police lobby.

He was released on a promise to appear in state Superior Court on Monday, and was turned over to Wilton police.