NORWALK — For all his time in Hartford, state Sen. Bob Duff describes helping residents at home as his most rewarding work as a lawmaker.

“Not everything I do is related to writing and passing laws,” said Duff, a Norwalk Democrat who has represented the 25th State Senate District since January 2005. “Residents may need help dealing with a state agency, a business or some local nuisance. My staff and I are quick to take action and work diligently to solve these problems.”

Duff, a realtor, is hoping to hold his seat against Republican challenger Marc D’Amelio in this year’s race.

The Norwalk Democrat served three years in the state House before being elected to his first term representing the 25th State Senate District in 2004. He traces his interest in public service to sitting at his family’s dinner table as a child.

“That’s where my parents and grandparents instilled in me a sense of civic pride and duty,” Duff said. “I currently serve as Senate Majority Leader, placed in that position by a vote of my peers. Public service is my passion so helping the residents of my district is one of the most important parts of my job.”

Asked why he’s running for re-election, Duff answered, “a sense of fair play and equal opportunity are the hallmarks of a democratic society.” Governments, he said, are obligated to protect the rights of citizens and to promote the general welfare of the public.

“What I call ‘Standing up for you,’” Duff said. “With a focus on that one guiding principle, I’ve lead the state Senate in accomplishing many things that will have a positive impact on the people of Connecticut. I look forward to continuing my work on behalf of the people.”

The Norwalk Democrat named growing the economy, fighting for the middle class and “holding true to our values” as the top issues for Norwalk, Darien and the state. Moving Connecticut forward, he continued, means supporting Earned Family Medical Leave, a livable minimum wage, an affordable college education and affordable health care, especially for seniors.

“I will continue to focus on small business growth and strengthening our communities by investing in education, transportation and affordable housing,” Duff said.

He named net neutrality, internet privacy, transportation, prescription drug costs and “implementing a reliable workforce pipeline to fill the thousands of job openings in our state” as additional priorities should voters return him to Hartford.

Senate majority leader since 2015, Duff chairs the Executive and Legislative Nominations Committee. He is vice chairman of the Legislative Management Committee. He has been “tireless advocate for job creation” and earned a reputation as a consumer advocate, according to his legislative website.

A fifth generation Norwalk resident, Duff and his wife, Tracey, live in the Cranbury neighborhood where they are raising their two children.