Darien police are investigating an incident in which an 79-year-old woman was scammed out of $13,000.

The woman's daughter informed police Dec. 31 that her mother answered a call from 915-239-3517, an El Paso, Texas, number on Dec. 30.

The caller, who claimed to be James Anderson, according to police, told the woman that he worked for UPS and that because she was a senior citizen who paid her utility bills on time over the years, she was entitled to a prize of $850,000.

Anderson told the woman that in order to claim the money, she needed to transfer money to him via Green Dot Money Pack cards, which are commonly used to reload money to prepaid credit cards, police said.

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The woman told police that she bought 26 Green Dot Money Packs, with $500 on each and then gave the caller information on the card that allowed him to access the money, according to the report.

Police are investigating the scam.