Charges were filed against a Maple Street man this week after a dispute with his son over a dog, police said.

Richard Whitehead, 56, of Maple Street, was issued a summons for interfering with an emergency call after he hung up the phone when his 23-year-old son tried to call police to quell an argument that erupted between them, according to the report.

The dispute began the morning of Jan. 4 over a dog belonging to a friend of the younger Whitehead, which he had been caring for for several days, police said. The argument began when the father became upset that the animal had urinated on the floor, police said.

They then argued heatedly about a cat residing in the house, as well, according to the report.

But when the son tried to call police to ask for help defusing the confrontation, the son told officers his father took the phone from him, yelled at him and hung it up.

When officers arrived, according to the report, the father admitted to taking the phone and putting it back on the cradle to end the call.

Richard Whitehead was issued the summons and the son subsequently left to stay at his girlfriend's home, police said.