First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said she will seek the Republican Town Committee's nomination for a second term in November.

"I think our board works very well together and we have done many good things and I would like to continue that trend," Stevenson said. "There's other projects that I would like to see come to fruition and I have ideas that I would like to discuss with my board."

Stevenson, along with Dave Campbell and Jerry Nielsen, were elected in 2009. Campbell was elected first Selectman that term. In 2011, Stevenson stepped into the first selectman position when Campbell did not seek re-election as first selectman.

"I believe there are times for change and there are times when stability is the best course of action," Stevenson said. "With what is happening with the state economically and across the country, we're in a time when Darien residents would be best served by some continuity rather than some substantial change in leadership."

Campbell, the CEO of Ring's End Lumber, will not seek nomination for another term on the board, according to Stevenson, who said some people have "casually expressed interest" in joining the Board of Selectmen.

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"There has been nothing formal at this point in time," Stevenson said.

Jerry Nielsen, the third Republican selectman, will seek nomination for re-election as well.

In the past, Stevenson has sought public feedback on the job she has done as first selectman. As of late, she has received "very positive feedback" and no negative feedback, even though she was expecting some.

"When people are truly dissatisfied, they are not afraid of their thoughts to be heard," Stevenson said.

David Bayne, who fills one of the two Democratic positions on the board along with John Lundeen, said he could not comment on whether or not he was seeking nomination for re-election from the Democratic Town Committee.

"I know the DTC is interviewing a whole slew of candidates at this point," Bayne said.

"Discussions are underway, but to this time, are unresolved," said Lundeen in an email to the Darien News.

Stevenson said she and the rest of the Board of Selectmen have worked "very closely" for the past four years and hopes that it continues.

"We have constructive and healthy dialogue," Stevenson said. "I try to maintain open and healthy dialogue and respect the other point of view."

"I will hope that whatever the board looks like that it will maintain that sort of spirit," Stevenson said.

Chris Noe, a member of the Darien Ultra-Conservative party, is also seeking election in November. He has a lengthy list of key points including the installation of an Olympic-size swimming pool and stadium at the high school, an annual tax cap of 2.5 percent, installation of sidewalks, eliminate "gun-free zones" and only accepting $1 per year for a salary.

The Board of Finance recently increased the first selectman's salary from $80,000 per year to $115,000 per year.;203-972-4407;@Meg_DarienNews