Author and illustrator Tedd Arnold, best known for his series of Fly Guy books, recently visited Royle Elementary School in Darien.

The author, who lives in Elmira, N.Y., conducted three programs over the course of the morning at Royle, entertaining kindergartners and first- and second-graders with amusing stories of how he comes up with ideas for his books. Both his sons, Walter and William, have provided inspiration for his books, and now star in their own stories, "No More Jumping On The Bed!" and "No More Water In The Tub!"

Arnold said Fly Guy was brought to life during a car trip with a fly, which was trapped, but persistent and annoying.

Arnold read from favorites likes "Green Wilma," "Parts" and "Fly Guy Meets Fly Girl," a story originally encouraged by so many of his fans, who asked when Fly Guy would have a girlfriend.

The children also watched Arnold draw a few of his most recognizable characters, including Fly Guy, and then he gave a demonstration of how to use tracing paper to turn a not-so-great drawing into an original character.

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Arnold ended his presentations by offering the children some advice, "Keep drawing because you'll get better at drawing. Keep writing because you'll get better at writing. And keep reading because you'll get better at everything."