After more than 20 years of operation in Darien, Goldenberry -- a British specialty shop -- has made the move to 149 Cherry St., in the heart of downtown New Canaan.

Goldenberry offers a wide range of English, Irish and Scottish products, such as imported foods, including pork pies and biscuits, banger sausages, jams and teas; an entire selection of English pottery; bone china; no-drip candles and more.

"I'm an Anglophile," said Deb Hecht, a Manhattan native who lived and worked for many years in the United Kingdom. "I've always loved British Isles things."

To Hecht, who resides in Ridgefield, New England always has offered a similar kind of flavor to her beloved U.K. -- something perhaps in its long history, but most probably because it is the direct descendant of the mother country.

Hecht, who started importing products with some friends even before opening a retail space, sees the area -- and this downtown in particular -- as the perfect place to offer the kind of elegance and careful preparation she adores about the U.K.

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"We've loving being here," she said. "We've had a very warm welcome, and we love the store," which features significant room, a high ceiling and lots of storage for frozen items.

"It sets up just a very pleasant interaction," she said. "We are different than other stores in New Canaan, and it's nice to come to New Canaan and not be an also-ran."

There were a variety of reasons motivating the move, including the chance to be off the crowded Post Road and offer a more centralized location with ample parking. "And it's nice to be where there's foot traffic," Hecht said.

The range of brands and products in the cozy, quiet store are designed to make people feel they are in a tiny village in England or Ireland.

"Having lived abroad for 20-plus years, I so appreciate Deb, and Goldberry, bringing a taste of England and Europe to our area," said Tracey Ozendo, of New Canaan.

"I absolutely love Deb's creative buying style, the shop set-up, and her wonderful personality," Ozendo said. "There are too many wonderful items at Goldenberry to narrow down -- food items, paper goods, jewelry, porcelain, candles, specialty items relating to what's going on in England -- all marvelous."

Hecht said, "I love charming things," and the civility one associates with the styles and customs from across the pond. "I love things that give people a bit of armchair travel.

"I think that there's an aspect to the culture that appreciates graciousness and charm and a kind of pleasantness of living that's less fast-paced."

The store is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For information, call 203-972-5887 or visit