WESTPORT — In light of the country’s heroin crisis, Westport is stepping up to keep its residents informed. On Tuesday, Dr. John Douglas, clinical director of outpatient addiction programs at Silver Hill Hospital, will be coming to the Westport Town Hall to talk about the ins and outs of opioid addiction.

“Our country is dealing with an epidemic of heroin and opioid pain pill addiction, and use of them is growing fastest in suburban communities,” Douglas said. “(Attendees) will learn what are opioids, they’ll learn how to treat opioid overdose/addiction, and they’ll develop an understanding of how people become addicted to opioids and learn how to recognize intoxication and overdose symptoms.”

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‘Protecting our Families from the Opioid/Heroin Epidemic’

Tuesday from 10 to 11:30 a.m.


Westport Town Hall Auditorium

110 Myrtle Ave.

Douglas said there’s a lot of confusion and fear surrounding opioid abuse and he hopes to address misunderstandings about how people get addicted and how those addictions are treated.

“People are in general very scared about this addiction and there’s a lot of confusion about how it is treated,” Douglas said. “Some of the risks are when people begin using other substances as adolescents like alcohol and marijuana, associating with people who use drugs, and then when people begin experimenting with abusing pills. Opioid pills are very addictive.”

For information on the program, contact Lauren Rosenkranz at lrosenkranz@westportct.gov.