Preliminary enrollment numbers for the elementary schools may require an additional teacher to be hired in order to cover all sections.

Assistant Superintendent Judith Pandolfo said her numbers, as of Tuesday, could potentially require an additional teacher to be hired. She said Hindley School is drawing the most focus because the first-grade class is only one student from needing an additional section added. However, Pandolfo said one section could be moved from Tokeneke because the projected 20 sections should be fine.

Because the schools use enrollment figures from Aug. 1 to determine how many teachers are needed in each school, she encouraged parents to make sure to enroll their children by July 29, so the schools can get a more accurate enrollment figure.

Administrators have been interviewing candidates for a teaching job in case a new hire is required, Pandolfo said. Currently, the schools are approved for 106 sections across the five elementary schools, Board of Education Chairman Kim Westcott said.

Board member Heather Shea questioned the accuracy of the numbers to determine if students were being counted more than once or if families moved out of the town but their children were still listed as being enrolled. Pandolfo said the numbers are very accurate because she can keep track of what people in town are doing.

Board member George Reilly said he would like to avoid hiring a new teacher unless it was absolutely necessary and suggested the administration find an area, where the money for a new hire could come from.

Enrollment at each of the five elementary schools as of July 25 had 418 students enrolled at Holmes, 436 students at Tokeneke, 538 at Hindley, 466 at Ox Ridge and 406 at Royle. The projections for Royle and Ox Ridge were accurate with 20 sections being projected for Royle and 22 sections for Ox Ridge.

Holmes is looking at two fewer sections than projected and Hindley is looking at one additional section. Tokeneke's projections would require one additional section than what was anticipated.