The Board of Education approved an increase in the cost of lunch at the elementary schools in order to provide a wider variety and higher quality of food.

Director of Finances Richard Huot said the increase was due in large part to higher transaction fees for credit cards and increased costs in shipping. The cost of lunch will increase from $2.85 to $3.15.

Huot said parents expressed a desire to see a larger selection of food offered in the cafeteria. However, because a large portion of the staff at the elementary schools has been consolidated, Huot said the schools are trying to move away from paper and focus more on automatic processes, which is why the increase in transaction fees for credit cards was being transferred to parents.

He also pointed out that New Canaan charges more for their lunches because the quality of food is better.

Board member Morgan Whittier also pointed out that the new cost of lunch was still much lower than a comparable meal purchased somewhere else.

The increase in costs was approved 6-2, with Vice Chairman Elizabeth Hagerty-Ross and Heather Shea voting against the change.