Fourth and fifth grade students at Hindley School recognized Veteran's Day with its annual Veteran's Day Program, which honored veterans with ties to the Darien community.

The program, which included a performance of patriotic songs, prepared questions by students for the veterans and remarks from the veterans themselves, provided a meaningful way for the for the students to make a connection with local veterans and understand the significance of Veteran's Day.

Veterans attending the tribute were Dr. Benjamin Alimena, Bruce Benedict, Matthew Byrnes, Don Collins, Francis X. Flaherty, Frederick Gleason, Manny Gomes, William Hinkley, John Keleher, Frank Lacroix, Robert Moran, Richard Orrico, Brendan Price, Craig Schorr, Sueann Schorr, Russell T. Smith, Shelly Smith, Jack Stobbie, Dr. Josephine Velazquez-Rucquoi, George Walsh and Donald Wood.

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