A Holmes Elementary School custodian turned himself in Aug. 2 on a warrant charging him with breach of peace and providing a false statement.

According the report, a complaint was filed against Robert Munro, 45, of 58 Raymond St., May 15 by a Holmes teacher. The teacher told police that on April 30 at 9:10 a.m., she was in the front foyer of the school when Munro began speaking to her. The report said the teacher indicated that she said something to Munro that must have annoyed him and he responded by grabbing her by the left wrist squeezing it tightly to the point where it was causing her pain. Police said the woman claimed to have told Munro he was causing her pain and he proceeded to squeeze her wrist even tighter.

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After the incident, the teacher went to a medical facility to have her wrist evaluated and learned she had a hairline fracture. There were no other witnesses to the encounter between Munro and the teacher. Munro provided a sworn written statement to investigators indicating that he had never touched the teacher. Police determined those statements were false and charged Munro.

He was released on a promise to appear in court Aug. 13.