A woman reported to police on Wednesday, Jan. 30, that she was victim of an online scam involving the larceny of $1,990.

According to police, she said she received on Wednesday, Jan. 16, an email offer to be a mystery shopper for a company named Market Force Inc. and completed an online application. She was then contacted via email with the job description, which read that she would get paid to evaluate the job performance of Western Union employees, said police.

For each assignment, according to the report, she would receive a check, which she would deposit into her personal bank account. She would keep $250 as payment and send the balance to someone within the company via Western Union, said police.

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On or about Wednesday, Jan. 23, she received an assignment and a check in the amount of $1,990, said police. She deducted the $250 and sent the remaining balance of $1.740 to the company. On Tuesday, Jan. 29, she received another assignment but was advised by bank personnel that the checks were bogus. Police said she was able to successfully reverse the transaction with the exception of $250.

All of the Market Force Inc. contact information was found to be invalid, said police, who added that an inquiry to the Better Business Bureau revealed a mystery shopper scam in operation using the name Mystery Force Inc. with the methodology appearing to be similar.

According to police, the scam artists may be using the names of legitimate businesses in order to gain credibility.