Someone stole a clear, plastic container holding $27,000 worth of jewelry out of a Wild Cat Road home.

The owner told police she was having work done on her home by various contractors, including having her floors refinished. During this time, the resident packed some bracelets, rings and earrings into a clear, plastic container and hid it in a closet off of her master bedroom. Though the container was see-through, the resident said the jewelry was hidden by other items in the container.

The resident placed the container in her closet on June 16 and then left her home. She was gone for several days while her floors were being done.

The floor work was finished on June 20.

On July 8, the resident said she looked for the container holding her jewelry but could not locate it. She looked for the container for several days until she finally reported it missing on Monday, July 11.

Police found no forced entry into the home. The detective division is currently following up with numerous contractors who had access to the home, including employees of a moving company.