On Feb. 22, a special election will take place. The election is to fill the 27th District Senate seat vacated by Andrew McDonald to join Governor Malloy's administration. This election takes place during the Darien Public Schools' winter break.

On Feb. 8, The League of Women Voters-Darien will host a special election candidates' night debate for the seat. The debate is scheduled to start at 7:30 p.m. and will take place in the Town Hall auditorium.

The two candidates appearing on the official ballot have been invited to attend are Republican Bob Kolenberg and Democrat Carlo Leone. The LWV's goal of candidates' night is to sponsor a free-flowing exchange of ideas between candidates and citizens.

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Attendees at Town Hall will have an opportunity to submit questions for consideration by the candidates. Questions may also be sent prior to and during the event via e-mail.

A bipartisan panel will review all questions before being submitted via the moderator for response. Jara Burnett, former president of the Connecticut League of Women Voters, currently vice president of voters services for the Greenwich LWV, will serve as moderator.

"Many people have questioned how we might manage the State deficit which represents 20 percent of the total budget. What taxes may be raised? What programs cut? Will any new programs be added?" Nora McIlree, co-president of the LWV Darien, said. "This is the time for voters to better understand each candidates view on these and many other important issues such as transportation and health care to make a more informed decision."

Voters who normally vote at Town Hall or Hindley School are residents of District 27. Visit www.cga.ct.gov.

In the event that you will be out of town Election Day, you may print an absentee ballot application from the town's website at www.darienct.gov.

Your absentee ballot application must be turned into the Town Clerk's office to obtain an absentee ballot to cast your vote.

The deadline for absentee-ballot votes, to be turned in by mail or in person to the Town Clerk's office, is no later than Election Day, Feb. 22.

For more information visit lwv.darien.org.