After school program coordinators Annie Weibel and Brooke Kennedy have brought a fun and innovative technology education after school program called Lego Robotics to Ox Ridge. Student response to this class has been positive and enthusiastic.

In pairs, children in grades kindergarten through third build robots out of Legos and program them with a computer to come alive. Their creations move, react and make sounds. The participants learn about mechanical design, construction and programming in an environment that encourages collaboration and cooperation.

Second-grader Brooke Voelker and third-grader Sydney Weibel built two dancing birds that spin around. In addition to Legos, the dancing birds were made with a motor, gears, pulleys and belt. Attaching the belt on the pulley in different ways caused the birds to dance in different directions and at varying speeds. The children experimented with the different ways and noted their findings on a worksheet.

Program Director Komal Vora of Compuchild is the instructor of the program. For more information visit

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