While most people's political focus tends to gravitate toward national issues, what is currently happening in our state capital demands serious reflection. I truly believe that most moderates on the left would be disheartened by the policies and practices of the single party, rubber-stamp Democratic majority in Hartford.

A quick study of the facts shows the governor's budget reneges on several promises he made during his campaign, at the same time it is being touted by supporters as balanced and bold. In reality, to anyone with a basic understanding of mathematics, it is reckless and wrong.

With Republicans long toeing the party line with respect to fiscal responsibility, the time has come for those on both sides of the political aisle to join together and hold Gov. Malloy and the Democratic majority in Hartford accountable. More broadly, the time has come to focus on substance over semantics.

One simple example: By the Democrats' logic, the proposed continuation of the Bush era tax code was labeled in the 2012 election as a "tax break" for the wealthy. Their talking points stressed that the lower tax rates were originally enacted as stimulus and a temporary fix, and that their scheduled expiry was proof that they were not meant to be a permanent solution. Hence, any move by then candidate Romney to extend them would be an unintended consequence and "tax break" for the wealthy.

If they apply their reasoning consistently, Democrats must now acknowledge that Gov. Malloy's claim that his budget contains "no new taxes" is disingenuous. Why? Malloy's budget extends a number of taxes that were scheduled to expire. So, if extending an existing tax rate under Bush was something Democrats branded as a "tax cut," then so too must they now label the extension of an existing tax levy under Malloy as a "tax increase."

Turnabout is fair play, as the saying goes. But the example above is just verbal gymnastics. Whatever your political bent, I think we all can agree that the single party system in Hartford is broken.

You can't go back and you can't stand still.

Matthew Troy

Darien Republican

Town Committee

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