In the coming days, you should find in your mailbox the latest issue of Out and About. Mailed to all Darien residents, this is the third and final of our three 2013 issues and as always, provides useful information in making a 60-plus Darienite's life more comfortable while living at home. This issue is focused on having a positive attitude.

We are also using the newsletter to announce and explain our name change to At Home in Darien. We will provide and further enhance the many services and programs established by Aging in Place+Gallivant.

If you have questions, comments, and/or suggestions, or would like another copy of Out and About, give our executive director, Gina Blum, a call at 203-585-4094. You are also encouraged to visit our website, www.AtHomein Darien.

Peter F. Eder, board member

At Home in Darien

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