To the Editor:

Why should Darien voters choose Greg Ehlers for state senator? Greg is a first-candidate, not a career politician.

He is running to restore an environment where great jobs can be found and taxes are not the highest in the country. In my personal opinion, he is running for a better future and that cannot happen with the same people who are leading Connecticut today.

Here we are:

Darien receives a penny back for every tax dollar we send to Hartford and $200 million was sent from Darien in 2015.

Instead of funding your children’s schools, (Dan) Malloy and (Bob) Duff will spend this money in other towns and unions across Connecticut.

Thanks to Malloy and Duff, many educational priorities will need to be cut from the budget. This means schools will not be able to afford many needed items.

This is why I am voting for Greg Ehlers.

Jim Demark


Demark is a member of the Republican Town Committee.