To the Editor:

I have worked with Terrie Wood for the past 15 years on various town committees and as a longtime active AEMT (Advanced Emergency Medical Technician) at Darien Post 53. I can assure you that Terrie has worked tirelessly for our safety through EMS bills and is now taking on the very real opioid/heroin epidemic that threatens to darken our town and Connecticut.

Terrie, as co-chair of the mental health part of the gun safety bill passed in the wake of Sandy Hook, understands the importance of addressing mental health and addiction issues. She’s championing the vital public health initiative on opioid abuse with the same determination and knowledge to help curb this insidious plague that threatens the lives of our town’s citizens, especially our younger population.

I respect and trust her abilities wholeheartedly and support Terrie Wood for the office of state representative.

Claudia Newton