To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of being Terrie Wood’s neighbor for 20 years.

Many of us on St. Nicholas Road are big walkers, and Terrie and I often walk the “hills” of Fox Hill and Peach Hill. It gives us ample time to sort out the world, news of our kids and parents, and also talk politics. I can honestly say that there is no one I’d rather talk politics with than Terrie! Though we come from opposite sides of the aisle, we find a great deal of agreement on most subjects.

The attributes she brings to a neighborly conversation about politics she also brings to Hartford.

Terrie is an excellent listener. Terrie is respectful of differences of opinion and is not dogmatic. Terrie does her homework. She is not only smart but wise. And she works really really hard.

In short, we in Darien are exceptionally fortunate to have Terrie Wood as our representative — and you can count me among the Darien Democrats who are proud to be “Terrie-crats!”

Amy Cammann Cholnoky