I write to support friend Tom Valentino for Darien tax collector.

For 35 years Tom worked in music publishing collecting copyright fees. Tom can now turn that expertise to collecting taxes for Darien. No one likes paying taxes or copyright fees, but without taxes, our schools won't be funded and our roads won't be paved. Without copyright fees, artists would starve. Tom's background makes him well-suited to be tax collector.

Tom is a 37-year resident of Darien and has served with distinction on the RTM and as a member of the Commission on Aging. As a commissioner, Tom has advocated for seniors and, in particular, those in need of tax relief. As tax collector, Tom will have the ear of the selectmen and can guide them in ways to adjust tax policy to accommodate our most vulnerable population.

I hope you will join me in voting for Tom Valentino.

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David Bayne