Keep the Grand List under wraps

When I read the Friday, Feb. 17, issue of the Darien News, I couldn't believe that you published, for all to see, the Top 50 Properties, and the Top Automobiles from the Grand List.

The top 50 properties listing includes the property values, the addresses, and who owns the properties. The top automobile list includes vehicle value and ownership as well.

Granted, this is public information. However, when you aggregate and publish this type of information the weekend before Presidents' Day school vacation, when many of these owners will be away from their homes enjoying the week with their families, leads me to think that you have created an easy road map for thieves who could take advantage of a situation that you have created.

This is irresponsible on your part and I think you should reconsider whether this or similar types of information should be published at any date in the future.

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Paul Kreuch