To the Editor:

Connecticut faces many challenges as we approach Election Day. The budget, transportation and pension reform all require immediate and meaningful action. Our current state representative has had eight years to address these problems, and, while her service is appreciated, it’s time for a change.

Randy Klein’s three-point plan to get our economy moving will have an immediate impact on improving Connecticut’s fiscal situation. The plan focuses on: (1) balancing the budget, (2) making it easier for businesses to open in Connecticut and create jobs, and (3) investing in our transportation system. Specific proposals include freezing employee wages, creating an 800 hotline to help startup companies navigate through a web of regulations, and passing a transportation fund lock box.

All of these ideas will help get Connecticut back to business. I urge you to put partisan politics aside. On Nov. 8, remember to vote for Randy Klein for state representative.

Cristina Lirot