To the Editor:

A person who founds a transportation company nearly 40 years ago, and thrives during two recessions and Connecticut’s supposed “unfriendly business climate,” is undoubtedly an expert in their field. We’re lucky that person is State Rep. candidate Randy Klein. Randy understands transportation and how important it is to upgrade the state’s infrastructure to help our economy prosper.

His plan includes creating a safeguarded transportation fund. He has also proposed to expand Metro-North, so that is geared toward inter-town service — greatly increasing access to Connecticut residents. Increased transportation access is a proven method of attracting businesses looking to relocate or startups.

Darien, Rowayton and Norwalk deserve someone who is independent minded and understands what our area needs for businesses to thrive. We deserve strong representation that is results-oriented, not someone who is just a rubber stamp for either party.

It’s time to elect Randy Klein.

Noelle DeLeo