To the Editor:

While serving as Darien’s First Selectwoman, Evonne Klein knew it wasn’t enough to just talk about a problem; you actually had to do something to fix it. She brought a non-partisan approach to getting things done, and, today, our town is better off for it.

As our next state representative, her husband, Randy Klein, will bring the same solutions-oriented approach to state government. Instead of talking about traffic congestion and blaming others for our budget deficits, Randy will bring his decades of experience as a business owner in the transportation field to the table to deliver results for Darien. His plan to consolidate government resources, cap the governor’s bonding authority and re-negotiate the state’s most-costly pension obligations will go a long way to fixing our budget.

Let’s elect Randy Klein for state representative on Nov. 8. We have known Randy and his family for many years, and we look forward to his serving our community as state representative.

Averill Babson

Gregory Sohns