On behalf of Darien Library, I'd like to offer a heartfelt thank you to the many people who helped make Saturday's Hurricane Sandy Potluck Dinner at the library such a special community event.

I knew the event was destined for success when Julie Punishill offered to mobilize the Girl Scout troops in town to bring water, trash bags and many helping hands. When the scouts, troop leaders and local moms took initiative and jumped in, it became a true community event.

I was overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the people of Darien. People like Harry Musikas, who showed up ready to serve wearing a smile and an apron. Jane Repp, a familiar face at many of our programs, was right there to help make sure each dish had a place on the table. Everyone who came was able to hydrate with water donated by Trader Joe's and take leftovers in containers donated by Whole Foods. As the evening wrapped up, Cindy Brown had the foresight to call local emergency and utility workers to invite them over for a hot meal too. Afterward, Patty McCormick, Jennifer Erdlen, Natalie Marx, Sondra Romano and Jennifer Keating packed up the left-overs and took them to nearby shelters.

The Darien community made this event happen. In times of crisis, the people in this town don't hesitate to show their support for each other by sharing their time, food, warm conversation and camaraderie. Thank you all for making it such a memorable evening.

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Gretchen Caserotti

Assistant Director for Public Services