To the Editor:

Election day is around the corner. Big questions nationally, perhaps, but locally the path is quite clear.

We need to re-elect Terrie Wood as our state representative. She has done yeoman work on our behalf during her tenure in Hartford. And that’s been quite a challenge with a Democratically-controlled government that seems hell bent on driving Connecticut into bankruptcy, after it drives out our most productive people and companies.

Please do not make the mistake of voting for her Democratic rival. The last thing Darien needs is two Kleins wreaking havoc in Hartford. Not to mention that, other than looking out for his fellow Democrats as Democratic Town Committee chair, Mr. Klein has been invisible in this town. He has never participated in any element of our town’s government. No P&Z, no RTM, no school committee, no nothing. So why embrace him now?

Only one true choice — vote for Terrie Wood!

Tom Joyce