To the Editor:

In a letter last week, Ms. Christine Castles (a supporter of Democrat Randy Klein) stated I “alleged that being stuck in traffic is a consequence of ‘one-party rule.’” She goes on to say, “the disrepair of our infrastructure is a complex problem, that requires thoughtful and comprehensive solutions, not political finger pointing.”

Of course, we all agree the disrepair of our transportation infrastructure is an enormously complex problem that does require thoughtful, long-term, bi-partisan solutions. What I firmly disagree with, though, is her denial of reality.

I have driven to Hartford twice in the last six months to sit in on public hearings and listen to the political posturing around our state budget.

Some thoughts for Ms. Castles…

The over-arching issue, which voters should recognize, is Connecticut’s perpetual record deficit crisis. When it comes to transportation, the DOT gets its budget directly from the legislature and Gov. Malloy.

Democrats have enjoyed the privilege of one-party rule for the past five years…that’s both the Senate and House, as well as the governorship. They control the budget process and allocation of the state’s shrinking revenue.

The budget process is controlled by the Democratic caucus. The majority party creates their version of the budget behind closed doors, and then reveals their priorities to the Republican minority, typically at the 11th hour. They allow precious little time for honest discussion of the incredibly complex choices that need to be made. This is pure political gamesmanship that rewards Democratic constituents (like the state employee unions) while ignoring productive bi-partisan discussion.

Transportation is just one of the myriad of choices that the majority party has in allocating state funds. But, this reckless budget process creates a budget wreck for transportation funding. Anyone who travels in Connecticut pays the price.

State Rep. Terrie Wood has long demonstrated common sense and a bi-partisan approach toward our complex overall budget and transportation challenges. I’ve seen her in action in Hartford, watched Terrie on Channel 79, and talked with her about our state budget. I am absolutely convinced Terrie will solve these important issues better than her Democratic opponent.

Robert “Spike” Reed