To the Editor:

Darien residents who are customers of Eversource Energy recently received a letter from town officials announcing a service available through Eversource that will reduce residential energy usage and save homeowners money. The program, Home Energy Solutions, provides homeowners the opportunity to have certified and insured contractors evaluate residential energy usage and make on-the-spot improvements that will lower energy bills and make homes more comfortable.

Each home assessment takes only a few hours, and the average household receives about $1,000 in products and services, including LED light bulbs, water-saving devices, air sealing, safety tests on heating equipment, a personalized report on ways to save more, and financing strategies to make energy improvements more affordable.

As part of its energy-efficiency program, “Energize Connecticut,” Eversource heavily subsides the cost of each assessment. Homeowners pay $124 and will save, on average, $200 every year on energy bills. In addition, Darien becomes eligible for grants to pursue energy-saving projects — like the LED light bulb exchange currently underway at the Darien Library — and, for every Home Solutions visit, our partner-contractors will make a $25 donation to A Better Chance Darien, Inc. for energy upgrades.

Residents can see what to expect with such a service in the latest episode of “Community Matters” in rotation this week on TV79, which follows the process on my own home. The video is available on demand on the channel for Darien TV79.

Additionally, energy-saving information and tips are frequently placed on our Facebook page, “Darien Recycling Center,” and distributed via Twitter, @DarienRecycles.

This home energy assessment is a great opportunity to save money on your energy bills, help the environment by reducing the amount of energy used in your home, and help the local ABC House.

Please call 877-WISE-USE or visit to learn more and sign up.

Craig Flaherty


Editor’s note: Flaherty is the chairman of Darien’s Energy and Recycling Advisory Committee.