To the Editor:

As a former Board of Education chairman, I’ve read with great bemusement the education claims made by those challenging Terrie Wood for state representative.

The reality is that we need a strong advocate like Terrie Wood to fight for local control of our schools. I know from personal experience that the last thing Darien’s schools need is more “Big Government” interference from Hartford. It’s a fundamental philosophical difference between the top-down “we know best” approach promoted by the Democrats who control our state government versus a grass-roots, bottom-up community approach that Terrie will be our advocate for.

Local communities, acting through locally elected officials, are best able to make the common sense choices that will prepare our children for the next steps in their lives. Terrie Wood gets that. That’s why I’m voting for her on Nov. 8, and I urge all Darien voters to do the same.

John V. Boulton