To the Editor:

We can’t let the noise at the top of the ticket distract us from the importance of electing capable, fiscally conservative local representatives, like Terrie Wood.

Terrie is one of those increasingly rare politicians working hard for her constituents by looking for solutions to the problems that our state is facing, rather than pointing the finger at the other party.

She is clear eyed about the causes of our state’s current fiscal crisis. Her work to make necessary structural changes and craft long-term budget solutions is critical to returning Connecticut to a path of fiscal stability and sustainable growth.

In this period of unproductive partisanship, she has spent her time in Hartford gaining the trust and respect of her colleagues. Her willingness and ability to work cooperatively with members of both parties is a strong positive and should be applauded.

In Terrie’s words, “Together we can and we will!”

Meg and David Orner